The Digital Media Architects

What we do

Apps & Websites

We create rock solid, hand crafted software, all built to modern standards with precision build pipelines. Deployed to your cloud, our software is of outstanding quality and stands up against the hardest security testing.

Interactive Experiences

Our team has 7+ years experience working with our clients on a variety of hands on interactive experiences ranging from touchscreens and multiplayer bluetooth games through to motion controlled holographics.


The power is in your pocket! We take the impossible and make it possible. Leveraging the latest AR & VR technologies we bring brands to life with interactive story telling, precision marketing and immersive experiences.

Sales Tools & E-Learning

We deliver exceptional standards based tools and e-learning content from custom Salesforce apps to LMS/LRS content design, creation and development, meaning value and results for our clients.

Image & Motion AI

Leveraging the cloud the art of image data science comes to life, whether it be full or part body motion tracking, real time face emotion detection, bulk image detection or photogrammetry, our team delivers.

Production Services

We also offer the following bespoke services: graphics production, sound production, video production, 3D modelling, live event support services, enterprise training.

How we do it


We start by listening. Once a big idea is outlined, we ask questions and analyse the results to ensure the ideas meet a concrete business need and deliver real ROI resulting in clear deliverables grounded in research, driven by goals.


A solid foundation is required to ensure the end result delivers. We provide a clear plan that outlines how we work together from a management, technical and support perspective


From paper to wireframe to finished visuals, the design phase will bring your idea to life through creativity and a strong emphasis on UI coupled with the insight of years of experience deep knowledge of industry, hardware and technical standards.


Our development phase runs on an Agile or Waterfall process depending on your project requirements and timeline. A robust testing phase including automation ensures features and functionality deliver what was agreed.


To the cloud or a device? Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure? Robust build pipelines ensure your product is available when and where its needed in the most secure and optimised way.


Post release updates and maintenance are a fact of life. You can't manage what you dont measure, so ongoing maintenance and support can be tailored on a per project basis as required.

About Us

An expert team of creatives/designers/developers/artists. Our core team is based in Europe, with satelites in Asia, Australia and the US. We would love to hear from you about big (or small) idea see and work with you to bring it to life. You can get in touch with us at